Monday, September 23, 2013

Bila kemiskinan mengetuk pintu, Cinta keluar melalui tingkap. Like, NO?

Some people believe that, in order to be happy, they have to get married to someone stable. Define stable. Rich. Richer than her. Richest. Mesti ada education. If she have her second degree(master), then this guy must have it too. Then only they can get married. Like setaraf.

But looking deeper, kita mesti ingat,

Kita hanya mampu merancang, tapi Allah jua yang menentukan.

Apa salahnya kita yang ada master kawin dgn nelayan?

Apa salahnya kita yang berada menghormati mereka yang tiada?

The rule is so simple.

Give more,and you will get more.

Rule ni, tak boleh di simplify kan dgn jalan kerja mathematics.

But seriously, inilah konsepnya.

Ini adalah kehidupan.

Where we have to complement each other.

Kalau kita sebagai isteri, bergaji besar, suami cuma seorang gardener, apa salahnya turut sama membantu meringankan beban suami?

Back to the basic yang mana kita bercakap dalam konteks sebagai seorang Islam.

Tugas si isteri adalah meringankan beban suami.

Begitu juga dgn suami.

Kalau gajinya cuma cukup2 untuk bayar bil, makan, and handle keperluan anak2, apa salahnya kalau kita sebagai isteri setelkan insurance kereta and all stuffs?

Or are you that stingy? Tak mau guna duit sendiri for the sake of your family?

Women nowadays, terlalu prejudis pada lelaki.

I do not even know why.

But deep in my heart, I believe, the humanity, the good guy are still exist somehow.

Not perfect. Takde education. Merely a fisherman, but willing to do anything to make his family happy.

I mean, apa guna ada suami kaya tapi xmampu bimbing kita?

Tak mampu jadi imam untuk anak2 kita?

Modesty is better.

Tak payah bawak anak pergi overseas untuk tunjuk kita syg mereka.

Just show it true your words.

Your effort.

Your love.

If you cannot even believe in love on the first place, how do you expect to live in such a happy life?

Are you really that negative?

To claim that every man must be on the same level to you, if they really want you in their life?

My father is merely a normal human being. But look of how he draw his effort.

I am so happy, eventhough I have nothing compared to the other friends of mine.

My mother is happy.

She is contented.


You know what?

If you have reached to a point where you will thank Allah for everything that you have, you will actually live a better life.

Trust me.

Everything will make sense.

Be grateful for what you have.

Allah is looking at you.

Feel blessed,.

You don't have to even fight to live like those Muslims in Syria, Mesir, Rohingya.

Then why bother about being rich and married to someone richer?

Life is fair.

Don't turn it the other way round with your negative thinking.

And of course, if you have enough IMAN, bila kemiskinan mengetuk pintu, cinta tak kan keluar melalui tingkap.

In the end, it reflect back to how close are you to your Creator, Allah the Almighty.

Allah sedang menguji kita. Almost everytime.

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