Monday, March 19, 2012

Man vs. Women

Assalamualaikum, another assignment given by by beloved Mr. Mahendran on report writing. Phewww, ta twla oke ke tak.. readers, feel free to comment. Do read, do talk, heeee

                                                                Man vs. Women

Dear editor,

I am a growing up women. Sometimes, I do feel that our society believe in man more than they believe in us, women. The fact is we both men and women are equal and should be given equal rights. I totally agree with it, and that is how it is suppose to be. Just like our race, it’s just our culture, tradition and skin color which is different. Deep down inside, we are all the same.  There are no big differences between us both. We have the same organs, same senses, and we even live in the same country. Then why should the society group us up? I totally believe the saying that ‘everything happen for a reason’. Well I do and I believe that we both should work together and make a great team as we actually need each other. As far as we students, both man and women concern, if we were to work together in any activity or group with one heart, one goal and one desire, we actually can grow faster and even mature in handling this unbearable life. This is exactly like what happen when our society keep grouping all of us based on our races. We must not see skin colors, culture, and type of food or religion as we live in a same country. No matter how different is our belief, we are together. We should be given the opportunity to work together and convince the society that we women are sometimes even better than man on ideas and way better on managing any task given. Look at how much we have grown since 31st august 1957. We had 5 prime ministers since then, and they have all contributed a lot to our beloved country. Just imagine how much better we can make our country if we were to work together sincerely. I don’t know who created it or why did this category came up from, " race ". I mean yes, there is a difference we can’t deny that fact. But it’s just a tiny little one, just like male and female, the only difference is, we use different washrooms, the way we think, and the way we do things. And if men and women are now given equal rights, so why don’t we start treating each other equally? Anyhow, this is just my point of view of things and I bet many more think the same as I am. We can do lots of thing together so that we can rapidly improve our country as well as our life. Stop grouping us women and man as we actually can perform better when we are together. This is how the society should think. No one is better, nor women neither man. We need each other. We completed each other. And this is how it should go especially on us students. Generally, we both need each other, guys need girls and girls need guys to live on with their lives. God made us in such a way that we have to depend on each other. Men normally act using their brains and women act using their senses and follow their hearts. When we combine we balance each other helping us to do better.
Malaysia Boleh!!


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