Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Blanket

Assalamualaikum, huhu. Minggu lepas aku dapat satu assignment from beloved Dr. Mahendran. Lecturer writing skills aku. And he asked me to choose an object and write a short stories bout that object choosen. Finally, the task is done. You are the readers, you have the right to judge  me Feel free to comment so that I can improve my essay just before the due date, which is on this Thursday, TQ

The Blanket

The blanket that used to comfort me for years. The blanket that was given by someone special to me. Someone that I cannot bear of losing him. So much to tell just by looking at the old blanket. Enduring this for years is now killing me softly. I missed how he used to wrap me with the shabby purple blanket. I missed how he used to sing me my favorite song before I fell asleep. I missed the warmth of the hug he used to give me whenever I need to. I missed all those stupid moments we spent together- stupid in others eye, but surely triple special for us both. Dad. It means so much to me if you can be right here, smiling and glancing, singing and talking. Oh, how I missed all those moments! The moments I came to realized that I had lost you forever is the worst moments ever happened in my life. It’s on the beautiful date, Dad. It’s on my birthday. It’s on my special date. I had been waiting for you to return home from work. Sitting uncomfortably on the sofa. And not to forget, I wrapped myself with the shabby purple blanket that you gave me. A symbol of care and protect. A shabby purple blanket that accompanies me whenever you are not here to hug and giving hopes. The accident should not happen, Dad. The accident breaks us apart. It’s lonely here. And I have been looking at the blanket as I wish you would suddenly come and said, ‘I miss you, Princess. I love you. I do love you. I will be back soon. Trust me.’ It’s hurting me, deeply. Dad! Please come back! I can stand no more. It’s completely a big lost. Years by years are going by. Come and be with me for these three months. I will ask no more. This will be the very last wish from me. Keep me warm. Hug me. Wrap me with my favorite blanket. It seriously will be a long journey. This leukemia. I just cannot take this anymore. Having you beside me will be the most beautiful thing before I left this world and say ‘Goodbye’. You know dad? God must be very proud of me, huh? Because this fake smile made people think that I am all fine. And the fact is, I am not.

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