Sunday, March 17, 2013

I'm fine and you're kind :(:)

How should I put this into words? Sebenarnya betul apa yg sesetengah orang cakap; yang hakikatnya tak semua orang akan faham apa yang kita lalui dan rasai. It was so frustrated to learn the facts that some people can listen to you, yet they can do nothing except for making thing worse. Sbb apa? Sbb semua tu takkan mengubah apa2.

It is like kalau kita cakap, 'its okay, I'm fine'. And they would end up saying, 'really? I'm glad. Sedangkan, apa yg kita ingin sampaikan adalah sebaliknya. Apa yg kita cuba nak sampaikan adalah, 'I broke down easily. And I want someone to comfort me every now and then. Don't leave me alone and cheer me up, please!'

We encountered a lot of hardships in life. Yes. And we become a new person every time we accomplished a mission in life. We improvise ourselves a lot. But was it enough? Was is enough to make us even better in handling those heart-breaking moment in life? It is unshakable? Give me some mercy!

Was it that difficult for someone to even understand that some people are not that strong like what they had been showing? that some people are actually weak; very weak; helpless; so tiny and small; or even failed in life so often?

It was so frustrating people. It was and it will always be. A happy and cheerful face does not always come with a happy heart. Go and dig. Understand and feel it. Learn of how these people trying their very best to draw a smile; as if there's nothing to be sad of.

And I. Am so tired of pretending like one. In front of so many people. So, I will end up crying under my blanket; later in the midnight. When everybody fall asleep. So that people wont see, how weak am I. Haha

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